Reference Request for NBCR Applicant

    Reference Name:

    Reference Phone #:

    Reference Email:

    Name of Applicant:

    How do you know the applicant?

    How long have you known the applicant? years

    Do you know them as pet guardians? NoYes

    What do you think of their guardianship?

    Why would they make good guardians for a rescue dog, especially a Border Collie?

    How are their pets around people? Kids?

    Do you think they all want the dog equally? NoYes

    How do their pets get a long?

    How long do you think they leave their pet alone during the day or night, and where do they leave the pet when he/she is alone?

    What do you think they would do if there was a behavior/training problem?

    Have they ever returned a pet to a shelter, breeder, rescue?

    Would you leave your pet with them for an extended period of time?

    Do you see any issues in their adopting a rescue dog?

    Additional Comments: