Recently Adopted

Sawyer – 3M Male

Please Welcome Sawyer to the rescue. Sawyer is a 2-3 month old Black Lab/Border Collie mix. He was found as a stray in Sawyer, OK. Sawyer is a sweetheart and has major puppy energy. More on Sawyer as we get to know him.

Sparky – 5 Year Old Male {Adoption Pending}

Sparky is estimated to be about 5. He arrived from Fort Scott KS. Sparky is heartworm positive and will be receiving treatment while in rescue.

Sparky already has an individual interested in adopting him.

Sparky is an awesomely sweet boy. He loves to lay on your lap and get belly rubs.

Cooper – 18M Male

Cooper is an 18 month old Border Collie mix. He is a bigger dog, around 65 pounds. Despite his size, Cooper thinks he is a lap dog. Cooper loves kids, his best friends right now are his his two human foster siblings. Cooper also gets along great with his two furry friends in his foster home. Cooper does not care for cats much, so a home without cats is a must. Cooper has learned some commands while being with his foster family. He is still learning not to jump up on people when he gets over excited.  Coopers best asset is his desire to cuddle, with anyone. He just loves being with his people and is a very fun loving dog. 

Jake – 3 Year Old Male

Meet Jake!  He is a 3yr old BC who comes from a farm dog background. He has good recalls and basic obedience down. Due to his hip issue however, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with too rigorous activity (long distance running, agility or disc) but he is a buddy you don’t want to miss! He will follow you around like a shadow and does well with cats and dogs. He understands his boundaries and does well not going past it. He does kennel up and you might hear him whine for a little but it’s not due to separation anxiety. He loves people and does very well on walks as well. If you were to adopt him, you’ll have a dog who will unconditionally love you for who you are.

Blu – 6M Female

Blu is a six month old short coated female. She is mostly white, with a small amount of black on her ears. Blu has full vision and hearing.
Blu is a typical Border Collie puppy and is very active.  She loves her people and more than anything in the whole wide world would love to be touching you at all times. She would make an amazing agility dog, or amu type of sporting dog. If you are looking for a lazy dog that wants to hang out and cuddle she isn’t what you’re looking for. She wants to play and to run and to generally be adventurous. She is exceptionally smart after less than an hour of training she easily picked up on 4 commands and had them down. She does know certain boundaries and with proper training will certainly be the best dog you’ve ever owned. She is still working potty training but as long as you take her out often she’s really good about not having accidents. We have worked really hard on her submissive peeing and now it happens very very rarely. She’s great on a leash, and goes on adventures with her foster family. Blu needs a special family to love her and to teach her the ways of the world. I recommend she not go to a home with children under 5 just because she is rather boisterous.

Gemma – 9 week old Female

Gemma is a people loving mild mannered girl.  She is settling into her foster home.  As soon as we know more about this sweet girl we will update this post.

Onyx – 9 week old Male

This sweet boy is settling into his foster home nicely.  As soon we know more on this pup we will update this post.

Jasper – 9 week old Male

New to NBCR – this spunky little guy is going to keep his foster home on their toes.  As we learn more about this beautiful boy we will update this post.

Oreo – 4 Year Old Female

Oreo is a 4 year old spayed female who is a sweetheart. Oreo is a submissive dog that gets along with other dogs, cats and kids. Oreo came to us after her owner passed away. Oreo and her Beagle friend were left inside a trailer with a multitude of cats. More on Oreo when we get to know her better.