NBCR Available Grants

As our final farewell, Nebraska Border Collie Rescue is offering monetary grants to shelters, rescues and other organizations that support animals in need. By law these grants can only be awarded to organizations with a 501 (c3) designation.  

Applications will be accepted January 1, 2023 through January 31, 2023. To apply for a grant, click HERE.  If you have additional information or stories you want to share, you can send a separate email to nbcr.applications@gmail.com. Be sure to provide the name of your rescue on any supplemental submissions. You MUST provide your 501 (3c) number to review active status.  All grants will be awarded at the discretion of Nebraska Border Collie Rescue.  Funds will be awarded February 14, 2023.  

$10,000 grant in honor of Karen Battreall Karen was not the founder of NBCR, however she served as the face and backbone of the rescue from 1998 through 2015.  She has served on the Board of Directors from our start to finish. Over the years Karen has shared her knowledge, compassionand love for the Border Collie breed.  There are very few people who do not remember Karen from visits in her home, being at events and meet and greets, and from adopting one of the manydogs who have passed though her kitchen and heart. It is always heart- warming to see our alumni dogs when they see Karen after being adopted. No matter how long it has been, they each remember her and sit patiently waiting for her to rub their ears as only she can do. We thank Karen for everything she has given over the years. 

$7,500 grant in memory of Rich Pollard  (1946-2017) In 2009 NBCR and NHS were approached by the Humane Society of the United States to assist with a hording situation in Oklahoma that included over 160 border collies and border collie mixes. What an amazing effort that was! All of the dogs were fostered in private homes or at the Nebraska Humane Society. Our volunteers and the volunteers from NHS spentendless hours with the dogs. Sitting in kennels allowing the dogs to find comfort at their own speed and learn to trust humans. This is when and where we first met Rich. I kinder soul would be hard to come by. In addition to sitting, walking, and reading to dogs, (yes, he read to them) he also provided transports for nearly every rescue in the Omaha area. It would be hard to find another individual with a kinder, more generous spirit. We thank you Rich for being you. 

$5,000 grant in memory and honor of Blaze  Blaze was the first dog to enter NBCR. In 1998 few people knew what rescue was. Fortunately, a farmer’s wife in Lexington, NE had heard of a couple of ladies who were interested in saving dogs. She made a call asking for someone to come and take the dog. Her husband had gone to town and planned to shoot the dog when he returned. Why? Because when he bred Blaze, the puppies were not the color he desired. Blaze ended up being the first dog in our rescue and the first Foster Failure. Such a gentle soul. Blaze was young when he entered rescue. He lived to be over 15 years old. In his later years he was not able to walk long distances, so he had special place to ride on our float when we participated in community parades.  Rest easy at the Rainbow Bridge Sweet Blaze.

$2,500 grant in honor Fosters and Foster Families Fostering is one of the most fulfilling things a person or family can do. Not all dogs are coming from a horrendous situation. Some have lost their family to illness, relocation to facilities, and at times death.  There are many who do have needs that have been neglected, while some just need a fair, firm, and consistent hand to help them bloom. People often ask us “How can you do it”? In response I say “How can I not”?  People also often say “I would want to keep them all.” To that we respond “Adopt, you save one. Foster you can save many”.   This grant is in honor of all foster homes who have been there for the animals along the way. 

$2,500 grant in Gratitude for all Volunteers There are so many aspects of volunteering and ways to volunteer.  From walking dogs, cleaning kennels, attending Meet N Greets, helping with fund raisers, transportation to rescues, transportation to vet appointments and so much more.  There is always a need. This grant is to thank all of the volunteers that helped to save animals and keep the rescue train on it’s track. You have made this journey possible. 

$2,500 grant in memory of all the dogs waiting for us to cross the Rainbow Bridge Over the years so many dogs have passed through our doors and into our hearts, some are now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. There is no way to count the things they taught us, gave to us, and how much of our hearts they have taken with them. So, until we are with them again let’s remember the smiles they brought to our faces, the cuddles and kisses, and even the times they were ornery little devils.