Available Dogs

We have so many great dogs that we could bring in for you to adopt but we do not have any open foster homes.  Are you willing to open your home and heart to foster?  


Oliver {Adoption Pending}

Please welcome Oliver to the rescue. Oliver or Ollie is an 8 year old boy that desperately needed our help. Ollie was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter in OK. Oliver is severely underweight, and missing most of his fur on his tail and legs. A skin scraping was done to determine if he has mange, this came back negative. Ollie will be seeing our vets in the next few days to see what we can do to help this boy out. Despite his past traumas, Oliver has a zest for life. After a quick bath in my front yard, it was apparent he still has some spunk left in him. Oliver is gentle with everyone he has met, including the puppy he came up here with. We do anticipate Ollie being with us for several weeks so he can gain some weight and get healthier. We are asking all of our followers to keep Oliver in their thoughts as he adjusts to life in rescue.



Our fur friend Jenny needs a home. We would love to find her a forever home, but would be even excited to have a foster home too. She is 9 years old and came from a very bad situation. Jenny is a total sweetheart that loves all people. If you can help foster Jenny or know someone who can we are in immediate need. She’s a lovable teddy bear and probably prefers to be without other cats and dogs.


Wylie (Willa) {Adopted}

Wylie also known as Willa as she is called by her fosters. Wylie was a feral dog for at least a year, possibly 2 years. Animal control in a small rural town had to trap her. She had been seen in town running with other dogs for quite some time. She spent several months in the shelter before Buck Animal Welfare rescue pulled her out. While at the shelter Wylie was unable to be touched. By the time she arrived to us she was able to eat out of her fosters hand. She now will accept belly and face rubs by her current foster. She is in the process of mastering potty training and walking on a leash.
Wylie needs a patient, quieter home to thrive in. She is currently in a foster home that has a very confident Border Collie and a dog loving cat. Wylie is going to need another dog around to continue showing her the ropes. Wylie is going to need some time transitioning to her furever home. After all she has been through we can’t wait to show her what love is all about.

Sully {Pending}

Sully is pending so that he can learn to be the best boy in a household.  He has some behaviors he is working to correct.

Scout {Adopted}

Please welcome to the rescue 18 month old Scout!
Scout is a big boy weighing in at around 58 pounds. He is so sweet and gentle. He loves being with his people and may have some separation anxiety. He barked every time I was not in view.
He met several different dogs today and wanted to play with all of them.
More on Scout as we get to know him!


Storm {Adopted}

Storm is a 3 year old female red Merle BC/Husky mix. She has gorgeous ice colored eyes. Storm is a little one weighing in at 34 pounds.
Storm is very gentle taking food, treats and giving kisses. She loves to hug people and knows basic commands.
Storm is all about her people, she will definitely become your shadow. When you sit, she sits on your feet. Storm does display some separation anxiety. She will bark if you are out of her sight.



Mallory and her 7 puppies {Adopted}



Harper – 4 Month Old Female {Adopted}

Harley – 4 Month Old Male {Adopted}

Kai – 4 Month Old Male {Adopted}



Ryder – 4 Month Old Male {Adopted}

Skippy – 5 Year Old Boy {Adopted}

Please welcome Skippy to the rescue. Skippy wandered up to a farm, after several failed attempts to locate his family, the owners of the farm allowed him to join their family.
Skippy did great with the three dogs that were there as well as the horses and grown cows.
Unfortunately the calves that were born this summer were too big of a herding temptation for Skippy. Once the calves were weaned, Skippy thought they needed to learn that he was in charge. So this awesome family asked for our help in finding Skippy a home.

Skippy is thought to be close to 2 years of age. He is a beautiful boy that would do well with a fenced in yard. He did love to wander around the farm with one of the other dogs. They would disappear for hours, but he always came back!!

He gets along with dogs, horses and grown up cows , but not the little ones. He is currently being evaluated with cats at his foster home.

Skippy loves belly rubs, sitting on your lap and hanging out with his people. We did find that Skippy does not like being touched on his throat, chest area. We do not see any deformities or painful areas that could cause this. Due to this, we are looking to place Skippy in a home without small kids. Little ones love to hug and snuggle with fluffy dogs, but the dog needs to enjoy it too.

Mazy – 9 Month Old Female {Adopted}

Please welcome 9 month old Mazy to the rescue. She is full of energy and loves to play ball. She does have some resource guarding when it comes to high value toys and treats. She does take treats out of your hand very gentle, when reminded to do so. She was found as a stray, so with some work she may be able to overcome this. Mazy knows her basic commands, shake, down and sit. She is easily correctable and loves her people. She does need a slower introduction to some dogs because she has the “in your face” type play that some dogs do not like.

Winter – 5 Year Old Male {Adopted}

Now that Winter has had some time to adjust we have more details for you. Winter is a sweet dog with a great personality who loves to sleep in your bed with you. He’s 5 years old weighing 35lbs. He loves to play with any type of ball in the house or in the yard. Winter finds some dogs great friends, he tolerates others, and hasn’t liked a few. If he’s not going to be your only dog we would need to work on introductions. He has not been introduced to cats in foster. Winter has been working on reducing his number of accidents in the house. It’s not perfect yet but we are getting closer. Winter is great on a leash and LOVES rides in the car. He knows some commands – he’s a quick learner so he is capable of so much more. He also LOVES kids and every human he’s been in contact with. Best part about Winter? He knows how to hug. Who would be better to spend your quarantine with?

Indie – 4 Month Old {Adopted}


Sage – 4 Month Old Female {Adoption Pending}

Kip – 1 Year Old Male {Adopted}

Please help us welcome Kip to the rescue. He is a beautiful boy, that was in a shelter in Sioux Falls, SD. Kip is a year old, neutered male.

Kip loves people, he will cuddle with you whenever he can. Kip does suffer from some birth defects. One of his ears is a lot smaller than his other, his tail appears to have stopped growing and his hips are probably not the best. It does appear that his hearing is not the best on the side with the smaller ear.

Kip will not be an agility partner or working dog, but if you want a friend to play ball or snuggle on the couch Kip is your boy.

Tonks – 1 Year Old Female {Adopted}

Please welcome Tonks to the rescue. Tonks is approximately 1 year of age and arrived from the Antler, OK animal shelter.Tonks has given birth recently and has been great with Luna and Calli.  She is a great dog, but of course she is shy. We anticipate her coming out of her she’ll with time and TLC.

We have a fantastic update on Tonks. This is what her awesome foster family has to say about her.

Tonks, or Daisy, as her foster’s 6 year old calls her, is doing great. She is just the sweetest thing. For a stray shelter dog, this amazing girl came with decent manners, and they are continuing to improve each day. Daisy loves to go on walks and isn’t a crazy puller. She’s smart and savvy with the three border collies and the wacky orange cat at her foster home. This pup is still not sure what to think about the toddling 18 month old twins, keeping her distance and observing from afar, but loves taking treats from the 6 year old. She has a great overall temperament and could be a great fit for many different homes. Her foster will continue building on crate training, teaching some more commands and tricks, and fine tuning basic manners.


Jessie – 2 Year Old Female {Adopted}

Jessie is a 2 year old BC mix.She is a fantastic lady that loves to play fetch as often as you offer. She loves to cuddle with kids and enjoys the company of other dogs.  Jessie is a very smart border collie. She is well trained and knows many things. She is not a picky eater either, which we appreciate at our house. She loves to ride in the car and go on walks. She is so versatile.

She will protect you and your home fiercely. She needs to be introduced to new guests before she allows them into your space but as we continue to introduce her to new kind faces she will learn that it is ok to greet new guests with excitement.


Opal – 3M Female {Adoption Pending}

Please Welcome Opal to the rescue. Opal is 3-4 months old, we are thinking she is a Border Collie Mix. Opal is very sweet and follows her foster dad around the house. She is very smart and curious. More on Opal as we get to know her. 

Opal has been with us for a few months now and would love to find her forever home soon.


Zeke – 3Y Male {Adoption Pending}

Zeke is back in rescue due to changes at his home that no longer allow him to stay with them.  

Zeke would be great with a family with older or no children.  He loves other dogs and tolerates cats.  He does not do well kenneled during the day so we would prefer him to go to a home with someone home during the day to hang out with him.  He’s great in the car and travels well.  He has experience around farm animals but has not been a working dog.

Apollo –  Male {Adoption Pending}

We are excited to welcome Apollo to the rescue. Apollo came to us from a local shelter.  Apollo is available for adoption.

We found that he has a few quirks that need to be worked on. He is not a fan of small dogs and small kids. He will only be adopted to a home with kids older than 12. Apollo does well with dogs his own size. He does not particularly like kennels. We are not sure what has happened in his past to not be fond of them. He will go in on his own with high value treats, but gets anxious when the door is closed. We are working on this. Apollo is a headstrong dot that needs to be with someone who knows the breed well. He is awesomely smart, but does try to be the alpha. He responds to men and women differently. He is more receptive of correction from women than men. He tends to get his feelings hurt and can be a sensitive boy.

Luna – 1 Year Old Female {Adoption Pending}

Please welcome Luna to the rescue. Luna arrived this weekend from Antler, OK. Luna is approximately 1 year old. This girl is a lover, but is shy at first. She is doing great in her foster home and learning a lot from the resident dog.
We do not know the background of Luna, but she came from the local shelter.


Calli – 1 Year Old Female {Adoption Pending}

Please welcome Calli to the rescue. Calli is approximately 1year of age. She came from Antler, OK.  Calli is the most shy and reserved of all the girls. She is doing better each day. She is slowly learning to trust people. She gets along great with To is and Luna.More on Calli and her friends as we get to know them.




About the dogs in our care:
Adult dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for DHLPP and rabies, heartworm tested, micro chipped for identification.  They may be treated for fleas and de-wormed. They are also treated for any illness or injury they might have when they arrive to NBCR. Dogs are given monthly heartworm preventive and treated monthly with flea/tick preventative during flea/tick season. We feel giving heartworm preventative s important due to the region in which we live.  To learn more about heartworms in dogs and why it’s important to use preventative, please visit the American Heartworm Society.

Available Dogs