Available Dogs

Available dogs with {Adoption Pending} are in their 30 day trial period at their new homes.

Owen  – 3 Year Old Male

Owen is a purebred Blue Merle Border Collie. Owen is a special needs guy. He suffers from some anxiety with loud and strange noises. His anxiety increases ten fold around small children, he just cannot handle the noise. His Border Collie behaviors kick into overdrive. When overstimulated Owen spins in a circle on the couch. He will do this when the ceiling fan is on too. Owen is going to need a quieter home than what he had. Owen does show signs of making a great Herding dog or agility partner. So here is Owens adoption criteria. He needs a large yard with a 6 foot fence, unless Owen is going to be trained for Herding right away. No kids under the age of 14. Surprisingly Owen is ok with cats, at least the ones at the vet office. Owen is going to need someone who can work his mind as well as his body. He needs someone to be able to help him get over his challenges.

Zeke – 1 Year Old Male

Zeke is a 2 year old, smooth coated Border Collie. He is very high energy and needs a very, very active home. He would make an excellent farm dog or sporting dog. If you are interested in an agility dog, this might be the boy for you! Zeke has a high prey drive so definitely NO small animals (including small dogs) or cats will work for him. Zeke is a very loving boy, he loves to play ball and Frisbee. He is currently working on returning it back to you. Zeke does get along with other dogs that match his energy style. He loves to run and play with dog friends. Zeke cannot be placed in a home with kids, because of his high energy and prey drive, he is too fast and busy for them.

Solo – 2 year old Female

Solo came from a small town in Iowa where she was found as a stray. We believe Solo is about 2 years old. Solo is very high energy and has wonderful potential be a sporting dog, or to be trained in Herding. In Solo’s foster home she has been introduced to small children and other high energy dogs and is doing very well. In the near future she will be exposed to horses and barn cats. More on Solo as we get to know her.



Bio coming soon:

Tank is a BC/Aussie Mix


Hero  –  4 Year Old Male {Adoption Pending}

Hero is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. He was a stray that was brought to a local shelter. Hero has a high energy level and loves to play. At this time he does not walk very well in a leash. With consistent practice he can learn to walk nice. With a proper introduction, he gets along well with other dogs.  Hero needs to be adopted to a family that has Herding dog experience He does have a high energy level and loves to play ball, did we mention he loves to play ball. Hero does have house manners, but his quick movements can upset or scare some young children. Hero is available for adoption at this time.

Aston – 8 Month Old Male {Adoption Pending}

Aston is an 8 month old AKC pure bred, Border Collie. He is looking for a home that is patient and loving. He does good with cats and other dogs, he loves to cuddle and is the perfect lap dog. Aston came into rescue with his three brothers.  He is very shy but with time and someone that is willing to let him explore the world at his own pace will make Aston a perfect companion.




Owen – 3 Years Old – Male {Adoption Pending}

Please welcome, Owen (yes another one). This one will be known as the black and white Owen. Owen (B&W) is an awesome boy who will play frisbee with you all day. He was recently relinquished by his family due to some complicated reasons. After several years of living together all of a sudden he and his fur brother could not get along anymore. Nobody knows why it happened or what caused it. They were just unable to get along. We are still learning about Owen, so we will be posting more as we get to know more about this sweet guy.

Chuck  {Adoption Pending}

We would like to welcome to our rescue, CHUCK–He has a name now!! We chose this name because he upchucks (a lot) when going on car rides, and he loves his chuckit!! He was a stray found a few months ago. A wonderful family kept him safe and warm while they tried every means possible to locate his family. He is neutered, we are not sure on an age yet, but he will be seeing our vet soon. He loves car rides, but gets carsick. He ignores cats, and is afraid of cows. He can tend to get a little jealous around other dogs. He gets along great with other dogs, loves to play ball and frisbee. He does know a few commands, like sit and shake, and he can be timid at times. He loves to get into the trash, so that must be secured at all times. He has not spent time in a crate so we will be working on that one. His previous finder said he can be trusted in the house alone. 


About the dogs in our care:

Adult dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for DHLPP and rabies, heartworm tested, micro chipped for identification.  They may be treated for fleas and de-wormed. They are also treated for any illness or injury they might have when they arrive to NBCR. Dogs are given monthly heartworm preventive and treated monthly with flea/tick preventative during flea/tick season. We feel giving heartworm preventative s important due to the region in which we live.  To learn more about heartworms in dogs and why it’s important to use preventative, please visit the American Heartworm Society.