Available Dogs

Smiley – 5 Year Old Male

Bio for this wonderful boy is coming soon.








Remi – 14 Weeks Female

Bio to come for this sweet girl.






River – 14 Weeks Female – {No longer taking applications for River}

River is working on potty training, leash training, basic commands and kennel training. She has had her second set of puppy shots and is healthy and ready to go. This is a medium drive dog; the kind that Caesar Millan would recommend. She isn’t hyper or so low key that she is a sofa accessory.

River loves to be outdoors. She is a border collie mix. Read, working dog, which means she needs a job and plenty of activity. We have had a great time picking up sticks, chasing frisbees and soccer balls. She is intelligent. Potential abounds if you adopt her, work with her. No one likes an undisciplined smart dog because they are only endearing to their owners. River loves people and dogs. She lopes and playfully engages with both. She naturally submits. She takes cues and will flip over on her back for a belly rub.

Available dogs with {Adoption Pending} are in their 30 day trial period at their new  homes.

Tucker – 10 weeks Male {Adopting Pending – April 2019}

Tucker is 10 weeks old and came to us from a small town in OK. Tucker and his sister were found on someone’s doorstep and turned over to a local person who helped them get to us. Tucker is a sweet little guy. He is a Border Collie mix and much smaller than his sister. Tucker is currently being fostered in Lincoln and he has two labs as his friends. Tucker hates to sleep alone and prefers to sleep with the big dogs.

Rylee – 4 month old Female {Adopting Pending – April 2019}

Rylee is a four month old Tri-Colored Border Collie. She is very sweet and playful. Rylee was found as a stray in OK. She has been through a lot. Whoever dumped this little girl, cut off her tail at a young age. As she has grown her tail did grow some too. She now has about a half of a tail. She is very cuddly, yet she loves to play with her older BC friend in her foster home. Although Rylee is not perfect, she makes up in kisses.

Zero- 1 Year Old Male {Adoption Pending, March 2019}

Zero is a neutered male, purebred Border Collie. Zero was originally adopted from a breeder in Kansas. Zero’s mom had to relinquish him after medical problems arose. Zero was born August 27, 2017 and weighs 50 lbs. He is up to date on shots, kennel trained, and working on potty training. He can jump, so a 6 foot fence or taller is recommended. Zero is great with kids, and gets along well with the other dogs.  Zero is high energy and loves to play.


Gunner – 3 Year Old Male {Adoption Pending, March 2019}

Gunner is a three year old Border Collie that was
An owner relinquish to a local shelter. Gunner has excellent recall and knows his commands. If you want to get this boys attention, show him a ball, he loves playing ball. He is very loving, but needs his space. Gunner does not care for direct affection from people and is not a big cuddler. He is your normal, herding dog. He definitely requires a job with precise instructions.
Gunner is very high energy and needs direction in what is appropriate. He needs to have boundaries in place that are followed by his whole family. Since Gunner is high energy and has a high prey drive, we are suggesting he go to a family that has Herding Breed knowledge. Gunner loves kids of all ages. He gets confused and thinks the kids are his job to protect. This has caused some behaviors that need to be corrected. Gunner has the thought that he needs to protect his “kids” from everyone, this includes family. While it’s great that Gunner protects the kids, it’s not so great when he protects them from Mom and Dad. Because if these reasons, we feel it is best to adopt Gunner to a family with older kids, preferably 12 and up. We will consider 10 and older if the child has been around the breed.

Gunner is very sensitive and does get his feelings hurt easily when a raised voice is used. If you know the Border Collie Breed, this is not unusual. Gunner needs to be approached with a stern, yet calm voice. Gunner will come out of his shell when playing ball. He will bring it back and drop it at your feet. If you don’t feel like bending over, tell him hand and he
will put it in your hand. Gunner needs a patient, loving family that will give him
the space he needs. He will let you know when he wants and needs affection. He loves to be outside and actually prefers it. We will require a fence in order to adopt Gunner. He is doggy door trained, up to date on vaccinations, neutered, and potty trained. Gunner does
great in the house without being crated. He has never been crate trained and does not care for the kennel. He does not have accidents or destroy items while he
is in the house alone. Gunner does do well around cats, but he found chickens to very interesting. He has been around horses and did well. Gunner does get along with other dogs, but does need to learn his order in a pack. If you decide to adopt this boy, he may not pay you back in love, but he will pay you back tenfold in loyalty.

Aussie – 1 1/2 Year Old Male {Adoption Pending}

Aussie is a 1 1/2 year old purebred Australian Shepherd. He was born May 30, 2017.

He loves people and gets along with dogs as long as toys are not involved. Aussie loves to play Frisbee and ball, he can catch it and will bring it back to you. If another dog wants to join into the play, Aussie does get overprotective of his toys. Aussie is a very energetic and active boy. He needs a family who can devote plenty of time in exercising him. He loves to go for walks, runs and of course play fetch.

Aussie is currently trained on the underground fence. He does very well with this. We think he would be able to learn boundaries of a new underground fence, without difficulties. Aussie would do best with a fence.

Aussie is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations, he is also microchipped.
Aussie spent two weeks last year at a training and obedience school. He is trained with words and hand signals. Currently he can sit, lay down, stay, and shake hands. He can even play dead, although this is not done every time you ask. These will be taught to whoever is lucky enough to adopt this boy.

Aussie travels very well in the car with a seatbelt restraint. He is also kennel trained. Aussie can also learn boundaries within your home. He currently knows what rooms are acceptable for him to be in, he does need some reminders since he loves his people so much he wants to follow you.

Aussie is tri-colored and would make an excellent family dog. He is definitely a trainable dog and would excel in agility or any other competitive sport. We think he may do best as an only dog due to his reactivity to other dogs playing with his toys. He may work out if you have a current dog with no interest in playing ball ball or frisbee. This issue can be worked on with time and patience. We would suggest a trainer to assist in this.

About the dogs in our care:

Adult dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for DHLPP and rabies, heartworm tested, micro chipped for identification.  They may be treated for fleas and de-wormed. They are also treated for any illness or injury they might have when they arrive to NBCR. Dogs are given monthly heartworm preventive and treated monthly with flea/tick preventative during flea/tick season. We feel giving heartworm preventative s important due to the region in which we live.  To learn more about heartworms in dogs and why it’s important to use preventative, please visit the American Heartworm Society.